A Streamlined, Scalable Integration Solution for the Automotive Industry

Oxlo provides customized integration and automotive retail software to enable seamless data exchanges between automakers, dealerships, dealer solution platforms, and lenders.  

Build reliable connections and transform your business.


Use intelligent integration technology and APIs to synchronize business processes and operationalize data exchanges across your car dealership management software.

Real-time Data Visibility

Stay ahead of the competition with real-time visibility into the automotive retail landscape.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Improve the quality and frequency of communication and collaboration with your DMS (dealership management system) and automotive retail partners.


Free information from data silos to ensure real-time, bi-directional data flows and make records more actionable.

Quick Certifications

Simplify the complexity of certifying multiple integrations effortlessly and efficiently.

Seamless Data Delivery

Boost operational efficiency through frictionless data exchanges with your automotive retail partners.

Dealer Service Provider

Quickly integrate workflows between OEMs, lenders and dealers to gain a competitive advantage with best-of-breed integration technology.

Built for Change in a Evolving Market

Future-proof your business with on-demand, real-time data through a collection of APIs.

Improved Dealer Satisfaction

Eliminate integration errors and poor data quality with a patented certification process.

Captive Lenders

Increase effeciency with Oxlo’s Dealer Integration Network with an integrated eContracting solution custom-built for your business that includes multiple DSP partners.

Standard Specifications & DSP Certifications

Solve challenges surrounding data integration and system interoperability with our extensive network of over 25 DSPs.Specifications are customized to meet your business needs.

IntegrateOnce™ Managed Services

Empower your operations with data validation, message queuing, and real-time communication support for seamless implementation of complex business rules.

Automotive Data Analytics Providers

Streamline operations through automated data collection of rates and residuals across multiple OEMs, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery to your desired locations.

Accurate Data

Mobilize data in the cloud, removing bottlenecks and accelerating data flows so customer needs are always met.

Oxlo Systems Leading the Way in Digital Transformation


Make data-backed decisions by leveraging a custom-built solution to match your company’s unique reporting needs.